Tina Fuller Somers


b. 1986, HK.

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I am an artist…

…and as such, I haven’t quite finished my website yet. Please bear with me as I fix this up! In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions!



Dam Good Tacos
Butterfly Cafe
Dunloe Brewing Co.
UCSC Seymour Center
Lyon Arboretum
Patagonia Santa Cruz
Patagonia Palo Alto
+ more


Named after a beloved but mischievous pair of family dogs, Tina Somers launched Hawk and Hammer Creative Studio to encompass her diverse skill set: a BA in painting, a Master’s Certification in science illustration, and a love of graphic design. She works on a wide variety of projects from field guides to woodblock prints and murals. She seeks to create original art that reflects respect and appreciation of the natural world, share it with others, and follow environmentally friendly business practices as a small business. Commissions and custom projects available on a limited basis.