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5 Challenges to Start an Art Blog... and Why I'm Still Going to Try

Dear Readers--

Welcome to the first post of my first art blog! I want to use this forum as a peek behind the goings-on of my brand-new art business-- to give Hawk and Hammer Creative Studio a voice and a space to be a real thing beyond my Etsy site and portfolio website. I plan to update once a week with new art, progress, lessons learned, challenges, and breakthroughs. And so, without further ado, here's my 5 challenges to start an art blog... and why I'm still going to try.

1. Waiting Until You're Ready:
It's taken me quite a long time to realize I'll never be ready. You know that kid who scrambles up the steps to the high dive and takes a running start to the edge only to stop short inches away? Over and over and over? That was me, ages 10 to 30. But--it's not going to get any less scary the longer you wait. So I'm jumping. 

2.  Wanting Everything to Be Perfect:
It's funny how I hold this idea of a perfect blog to a higher standard than I do... say... my dinner. In my fantasy world, I might be sitting down to homemade pasta with a lovingly prepared pesto sauce straight from my homegrown basil, served will lightly grilled vegetables and a choice bottle of wine... but in reality sometimes I eat a cold tortilla wrapped around a piece of cheese and call it a night. Not that this blog will be my cold cheese tortilla-- but maybe sometimes it won't be a gourmet masterpiece and that's okay. 

3. Coming Up With A Name:
This took me a looooooong time. After many dead ends and dangerously cheesy puns, choosing Hawk and Hammer feels good. They were my first two childhood dogs growing up in Santa Cruz. They were such good dogs-- thinking about them makes me feel all warm and squishy. Plus, they have pretty badass names. I'm hoping that by naming my company after them, I can capture a bit of that good-dog-goodness... and just a hint of that badassery. 

4. Finding Time:
As I'm a person who rarely finds time to brush her hair, this will continue to be a big challenge for me. But-- If I'm able to squeeze in an episode of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix, I really should be able to find blog-time. I anticipate a schedule will help with this... and when all else fails, just getting 'er done. 11pm on a Wednesday night? Sounds good. Let's do this. 

5. Commitment:
Given that I've just made the biggest commitment of my life this past August (getting married!), committing to a blog shouldn't be as daunting as it seems. But the truth is, I've never been able to keep a journal, or my new year's resolutions past January, or a steady workout schedule.

Wish me luck, guys. I'm going to need it. 



Tina Somers