Tina Fuller Somers


That's What She Said ...

Hello again. Just had the very best time doing a fun little project and want to share the story! 

A friend of mine was having a conversation about her future career possibilities with her grandmother from Long Island. The grandmother asked my friend what her favorite food was. On the spot, she answered "oranges" because that's what she was eating at the time ("Besides," she told me, "I do like oranges.") Her grandmother then dropped this pearl of advice:

When you find a job you love, it's like eating oranges all day. 

I need to try to type this with a Long Island accent phonetic spelling, because I really think it adds to the effect:

When you find a jawb you lawve, it's like eating awranges owell day.

First of all, yes. I love that advice. And somehow it's ten times better coming from the lips of a Long Island grandmother. 

I was inspired to do a tribute piece. Something that may be categorized as an inspirational quote poster... without the kittens hanging from clotheslines or eagles soaring above mountaintops. And it's gotten me thinking... how many other family sayings or wise advice is floating around and should be recognized? I want to do a series of these... so I'll be collecting quotes from anybody who's game. If I make yours into a print, I'll send it to you for free! Game on.

Tina Somers